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Each piece shown is customized and handcrafted to the specifications requested by each client. Your specifications will differ according to your room characteristics and wall constructions. Request an appointment to discuss your particular needs.
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dove cross windows   eagle
DOVE and CROSS WINDOW: These panels were commissioned by Templo El Oasis Foursquare Church in Lancaster, CA. There is a well known Salvador Dali painting, Christ of Saint John of the Cross, that depicts Christ floating on the cross in darkened sky over a lake. Having always been captivated by the piece, I borrowed the theme and employed the cranberry ribbon as a representation of Christ. The Dove being the classic representative for the Holy Spirit, and Olive branch, peace. The panels were rendered in surreal light rays, sky, and floating continental background.   EAGLE WINDOW: This patriotic piece was commissioned by the Disabled American Veterans of Foreign Wars, DAV 73. The wings of the eagle were hand cut from one piece of glass. Notice the continuity of grain in the feathers. I used the Louis Comfort Tiffany technique of layering glass to create shadows in the folds of the flag. The field of stars were created with "Flash Glass", a mouth-blown clear glass that has color "flashed" on one side then sand blasted off. A beautiful serene, but strong, piece, especially when viewed in direct sun light.
bay winows
BAY WINDOWS: This series of bay windows all feature large bevel clusters, bevel strip borders, German antique background glass, and water glass outer border. Leaded glass of this type makes any room feel elegant.
firewall   vase
FIREWALL: This fire screen was designed for an art professor who liked cubist paintings with lots of color. It is difficult to see in the photo but a rectangle in the center is actually dimensional. It projects from the piece in two opposing triangular shapes. The rondels were made in my kiln by the "slumping" method as colors desired were not available in the wheel spun variety.   VASE WINDOW: This unique window is constructed almost entirely of Lambert's full mouth-blown German imported glass. Differing sizes of lead were employed to create a greater sense of depth in the piece. Created for the Kamin's residence in beautiful Beverly Hills, California.
INDIAN WINDOW: A retro Indian motorcycle done in modern show-bike colors. This piece, which is a very identifiable part of Americana, features hand painted Indian head and lettering. Bullseye and Uroboros glass were used exclusively in this high end, motorcycle collectors museum entry door.
skyline window SKYLINE WINDOW: This adapted Frank LLoyd Wright design was originally a pair of skylights in the B Harley Bradley house. Known to be one of the earliest of Wright's Prairie designs, the winged motif likely comes from Wright's and Orlando Giannini's interest in the American Indian motif. I found, through the sectional use of red, white and black, the design “reads” better than the original piece (pictured on right). It is harder to differentiate the visual movements through the more monotoned glass originally employed. A piece of that complexity is like a symphony for the eyes. It is a more memorable experience if the movements can be made clear and individualistic.   tall window
TALL WINDOW: A feature in Patricia Arquette's formal entry, this is another classic example of 1930 Hollywood residential stained glass. Sixty-five percent of the window's detail is hand painted and kiln-fired to 1200 degrees. The piece is over nine feet tall and has a matching skylight.
KUKULAN WINDOWS: The Don Cuco's restaurant in Moorpark, California features a stained glass window design by Lance Glass Studios, based on the Mayan legend of Kukulcan, the Plum Serpent. According to the story the Mayan tribal leader Kukulcan (AD 750), believed by his people to have descended from heaven, introduced the concepts of penitence, love, and exemption from the traditional rituals of blood sacrifice. The high priests and warriors were strongly opposed to Kukulcan's brake with their long held traditions. His substitution of incense, flowers, and maize for human sacrifice was an out rage to them. Known by his people to be vigorous, sexually potent, and endowed with an enormous penis, Kukulcan was deeply committed to a personal vow of celibacy that would sublimate his considerable virile energies into doing good deeds. Finally, on a tribal celebration day the wily priests betrayed Kukulcan by having an admiring beautiful young maiden present him a drink laced with magic mushrooms. While under the influence of the powerful aphrodisiac Kukulcan succumbed to the amorous young beauty and made passionate love to her. Awakening later, consumed with guilt of having broken his most sacred vow, he condemned himself. After proclaiming from the steps of Chichen Itza to return one day, Kukulcan embarked naked on a snake skin raft and sailed eastward into the rising sun of the Caribbean. At midday a tremendous heat ignited the tiny raft and in a burst of flames his heart arose to unite with the sun. To this day, in the spring of each year, natives and tourists gather at the foot of the temple Chichen Itza to witness the morning star believed to be the promised return of Kukulcan.
Window design -- 3 elements:
Left stained glass window is Tulum, a costal city built as summer retreat for Mayan royalty.
Middle stained glass window is a close up of a Mayan woman in ceremonial dress.
Right stained glass window features, from left to right, Plum Serpent (statue dedicated to Kukulcan), Temple Chichen Itza, and Mayan woman with laced drink for Kukulcan.
small cab
GLASS PAINTED CREST WINDOW: This panel was done in the 1920's Burbank California tradition. Colored border with a clear background, then painted. The fired crest features a coat of arms researched and developed for commissioning client.
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